Saturday, June 29, 2013

$2.00 and 10 min. out door chairs

 Jennie, Kelsey , my DS and his soon to be wife all went sale hopping in Ewing , NE. It was city wide.
 The school had things for sale. They had  7 green (My favorite color) chairs for $ .50 each and I talked the guy into letting me have 7 for $2.00 so my out door seating only cost me $2.00 and 10 min. and some zip ties. Here in town they put out things to sit on out in front of the buildings on main St.
I didn't want to build wooden benches so this is what I did. The first weekend in Aug. We have our yearly celebration and parade. Everyone is  looking for somewhere to sit.  Living on main St. isn't all ways the best thing but I don't have grass to mow . No front yard!!!

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