Monday, June 10, 2013

A Good day got a few things done..

 I got a few things done today. I did 2 aprons from men's shirts as seen on Pintrest. One for me and one for DD Jennie. I had Sara model mine and Jennie is at the bottom of the page.
 I had this old and very dirty chair with a leather looking seat that was a reddish brown color. You can see it's missing a rung in the back. I thought it was time to make it of some use, so I put apple green paint on it and a new fabric cover on the seat. From hanging out in the back of my building to the living room.
 Here are the finished yard sun catchers. Now to fine a place for mine and enjoy.
I did a better job on Jennies apron. I added lace on the collar, down the front and the pockets. She said it's her canning apron this year.

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