Saturday, August 31, 2013

Bible cover and bag

The front has a pocket with purple trim . It is lined with the lavender and white flower print.
 I am getting 2 new Grand kids. My DS Kelsey is engaged to a young women named Jamie. She has a girl about 12 years and a boy about 10. I am nor sure. Just guessing the ages. Darren the 12 year old wanted a bible bag to carry her bible. She loves purple and bright colors . I gave her a choice of fabrics and the stripe is it. I added 2 more fabrics.
The back has a zipper about  1 1/2" down from the top  zips a cross the bag so things don't fall out.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Place matt's and bags

 DD Jennifer came Wen. afternoon and we made the small shoulder bag or messenger bag. They are light and just right to shop with. One of these will go to a friend and the other ????
My DGD Kristin is moving into her first real apartment of her own (well she will have 2 room mates) So I embroidered  her 4 place matts and napkins to match. as a apartment warming gift. She likes turquoise and brown so I did the K in browns. She is getting ready for her school year to start and apartment hunting.
The photo is not as bright as they really are.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

cold packs for eyes and a thread catcher

 Hi! my DD Jennie got some cold pack eye mask at the $$ store. I got to work last week and  covers for six of them for the craft show. Thy were a hit. the fabrics left over form a quilt she mad some time ago and a elastic head band. Love the $ and scraps projects.
 I made thread catcher for my dear friend Lynda how lives in AZ. She is the kind of friend that makes me a better person for knowing her. She is smart and down to earth with good advice. She is all ways there to listen to me when ever I need to talk. She is on my side and wishes me the best.
Lynda is a avid sewer of all kinds of things so I know she will enjoy it.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

The craft show pile is growing!

 The pile is getting higher. We have made about 30 table runners in various  sizes. Hot pads to many to count. Along with candle mats ironing board / sewing caddy, baby and adult hats, mug wraps, hot / cold packs , hot/cold corn bags, quilts and other stuff.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Jennie's Sweat Shop

 Yes I think I have been put to work in a sweat shop? DD Jennie is getting ready for a craft show and we have been sewing up a storm. Lots and lots of table runners in several sizes. Lots of hot pads still in the works. A few more table runners that are pieced . We don't have a count on the runners yet but I hope to never make another one of this pattern ! On the left are mug rug /candle mats. They are the leftovers from the table runners.
Did I say there is not air conditioning on that side of my building??

Sunday, August 4, 2013

This and that.

 DD Jennie has been at it making hot pads this is just one set of many to bind. Jennie loves to make hot pads . I think she just likes to feel fabric and make the sewing machine go. Or maybe she is on a drive to keep me busy with bindings.
The table runners as the hot pads and check book covers are all for a coming craft show . What we don't sell will end up as Christmas gift for friends and family. This is just a few of them  finished. The rest are in stages of  completion.
 The check book covers are all made from left over scraps from quilts and other projects that my DD Jennie and DGD Kristin have made. I put the pin holder on the back of my check book covers. I love using up the left overs.