Friday, March 23, 2012

It's been a while!

Hi everyone! I know It's been some time . I have had a broken leg and just not felt like posting or anything else for that matter. I brock it on Jan. 26 th so I have been layed up for some time.
Ironing board caddy.
I made the pink one for my self for all the odds and ends that lay on my ironing board.
I made the other one for my DF Linda in AZ.
I put a cord for scissors so they wouldn't get loss they will always be there when I need them.
WE had our monthly quilt meeting the 2ed Tue. of the month and we all made Ironing board caddy's. We always have a good time and we even had 2 friends from South Dakota join us.

I am on the road to recovery and out of the wheel chair and walker!! I find using a Cain not much better but it helps me get from one place to the other. I hope to get out of this boot they have me it in a few weeks. That will be much better.