Saturday, November 22, 2014

Absent but still busy!

 Yes I have been gone from my blog. I took a job and it takes a lot of my time .
The upper photo is of a mug rug trade I was in this last month.
 This was a quilt for some friends new great grand son. They ask me to make for them. Each block is something in the family's life. Ruth picked out the images and I made them into quilt blocks. They picked the colors . They were very happy with it.
DD Jennie and I have been making pie carriers. this is just 2 of many.
 Jennie likes Halloween so she made table runners. This is one of them. I get to do the bindings on them.
 This is 2 more table runner Jennie made.
 This is my mini quilt for a trade I was in last month. I called it Morning Song.
And 1 more table runner Jennie made for the quilt shop. I think the Quilters Candy Shop  had kits for sale.

Working has cut into sewing time. I am sewing quilts for me kids and Grand kids. 10 in all so sooner or later you will see photos of them all.