Sunday, March 29, 2015

Thank You Notes

 I saw a thank you note like these on Pinterest.  Thought I would try them. I needed a couple of thank you's for friends.
They are made from scraps on my cutting table.

Friday, March 27, 2015

Friday project

 I thought I should do something anything today.
I did a button jar wrap with a pinnie top.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

A friday finish.

Have you ever started a pattern and nothing comes out right? I had so much trouble with these flying geese I stopped doing them and never finished  the project.
The points never matched , the seams were nonexistent.
I got them out yesterday and made them into mug rugs as gifts some time soon.
I added the strip down the side and quilted in the ditch. Also added a line of gold quilting to the side seam about a 1/4 "  from the seam.
The binding took me all night. (from 7:00 pm to 2:30 AM) .
There are 9 in all.
It's National Quilting day today. I plan on quilting a wall hanging I have started to quilt. I hope to get it done.
Do some quilting today!!!

Friday, March 20, 2015

Rethink and recycle.

 OK this is what I have been doing for the last 2 days. Scrapping with orphan blocks rejects or mistakes. Scrap's from other things like bags and corners from round table runners.
The pennies' are from Jane's paper pieced star, The little basket is a 6 " Sq. print from Luanne she thought was ugly.( the lady print). I added to it with scraps.
The 2 below are from a brown batik bag I made and the cat pinnie is from the corners of some round place mats I made for DD Jennie.

 I for got to tell you that I save scraps from things I quilt.
All below are made from left over quilted fabrics for bags I made a year ago last Christmas.
The 2 above are for Sara and Kristin . below the pink is for DD Jennie. the other is just a small gift when I need it.
 I am keeping the purple Batik and the brown is another coin bag when I need a gifty.
I also used up small batting scraps. It all reclaimed odds and end from something else.

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

One thing and another.

 My little baskets are to be prizes at the next quilt meeting here in Orchard. they are made  with left over Happy Blocks for a on line quilt group I belong to . I love using up left overs and scraps.
 I made a doz. of these for Easter gifts to friends and family. Jennie gave me the fabrics she had left for a project. They are nice and bright for Easter Mug rugs.
I made all my quilters a Shamrock pin for ST Pat's day. I hope they are wearing the green to day!!
The small quilt was the project for March meeting at quilt group. WE are all paper piecing . They will bring the star back made into something. I just made mine into a small or mini quilt.
 My Secret Sister in a on line quilt group sent me some 2 1/2 " sq's. this month.
I made my jar wrap for my tea in the mornings. ( It's very hot) I still have some sq's. left so I will be having fun playing with them.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

this and that.

 I made the Pinnie's for a trade I am in.
 This is a post card I made some years ago I thought it was time to send it to someone. It will be in the mail Monday.
I saw this pattern on Pinterest.  I like to make my morning tea in a large glass mug , but after a while they crack. Canning jars are tempered to take high heat. They are also great for button or thread jars with the lids on them.  This is a QT. jar.
It keeps my hand from getting to hot while drinking my tea.

just things I have made .

The jar cover or wrap was on pinterest. I thought it would be great for my tea. It will keep my hand from getting  to hot. I use QT. jars to make it in the morning. I used to use a 24 oz. glass mug but after a while the crack from the heat . The canning jars a tempered so the don't break.
They are really to make for button or thread jars with the lids on them.
I will be making more of these!!

The pinnie's are for a trade I am doing . 3 to trade and one to keep or gift.

The rose post card was made some time ago. I thought it was time to send it as a little random act of kindness. To some one. it's going in the mail Monday.