Tuesday, April 28, 2009

New bicycle

I got a new bicycle yesterday and went out after over 15 years and crashed. I have some sore bones and things. But most of all my pride.
What made me think I could get on it and take off down the Hyw. with out practicing first?
The fact that I am a overweight 60 year old with a breathing problem should of told me something. That was the longest mile in my life. After the crash I walked 1/4 of it to get my breath and stop shaking. By the time I road into town I was so wobbly and my legs were like JELLO I could hardly walk. I thought I could ride it to work it's only 10 miles a way!!!
Getting old is for the Strong not the weak!! I used to ride my bike and love it for 20 miles a day.
Ya it was 20 years ago! 15 years ago I used to ride it all over town to get mail and grocery's.
Boy what a few years and a lot of pounds will do to a person.
Your only as old as you think until you discover the truth. And that saying it's just like riding a bicycle. Well you better think twice if you haven't been on one lately!!

Thing I have been doing.

This is a baby boy quilt that Jennie did and I put the binding on for her. There are frogs and the saying Snips and snails on the green fabric. This is one of the heart string quilts that Jennie quilted and I did the binding.
More hot pads!!! Yes I use these as thank you's to people that have done nice things for me.

I feel you should let people know when you are grateful for their help or friendship. It seems to keep me busy making hot pads. There are so many good and kind people in the world. I feel blessed to have so many think of me.
I don't know if Spring is ever going to settle down. It's just a little cold and cloudy here. I think I need sun shine!!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

I came home to my flowers blooming.

Well it must be Spring. My flowers in front of the house are in full bloom. They have kind of taken over the flower bed.
Now if the weather would just settel down and act like Spring!!

I love Spring flowers they are so bright and cheerful after all winter.

Home again!

I got home from Arizona Friday.
I have been trying to settle back in and have found it hard. I really love the desert!!
I planed on taking lots of photos to post on the blog and discovered when I got there I didn't have my memory card in the camera. So much for photo's!!

I made this Sat. for the auction at my quilt guild in Norfolk. We are having our annual auction fund raiser Monday night.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Recived my chicken swap from Jana.

I recived a great swap from Jana in Sew Good Friends Yahoo group. There was the great bag with a cute chicken on it. Then all the other things. A Wallet, music box, individual coffee and hot chocolate packets,Chico-0-sticks I remember these as a kid,6 wonderful hand made Easter eggs, and a micro fiber dust mitt. It was better than a Easter basket.
I was in Council Bluffs, Iowa sorting Thur Mom's things. It is amazing what you find tucked away in places. Things I thought were long gone. It was a bitter sweet experience. To go back to the times gone by.
I am getting ready to go to Arizona form the 9th to the 19th. To see family. It will be so nice to go where it's warm. I am so tired of cold ands snow!!!