Tuesday, April 28, 2009

New bicycle

I got a new bicycle yesterday and went out after over 15 years and crashed. I have some sore bones and things. But most of all my pride.
What made me think I could get on it and take off down the Hyw. with out practicing first?
The fact that I am a overweight 60 year old with a breathing problem should of told me something. That was the longest mile in my life. After the crash I walked 1/4 of it to get my breath and stop shaking. By the time I road into town I was so wobbly and my legs were like JELLO I could hardly walk. I thought I could ride it to work it's only 10 miles a way!!!
Getting old is for the Strong not the weak!! I used to ride my bike and love it for 20 miles a day.
Ya it was 20 years ago! 15 years ago I used to ride it all over town to get mail and grocery's.
Boy what a few years and a lot of pounds will do to a person.
Your only as old as you think until you discover the truth. And that saying it's just like riding a bicycle. Well you better think twice if you haven't been on one lately!!


Quiltin' LibraryLady said...

I'm just thankful you COULD get up and walk after the crash. I tried riding a bike to work a couple years ago....it's only 6 blocks. It's just easier to walk & doesn't take much longer when you have to stop to rest all the time because your legs feel like wet noodles.

JuJu said...

Sorry you missed the Sew-In, maybe another time. Be careful with that bic ... exericse is good, but don't want to injure yourself!!