Monday, April 20, 2015

Snap Bag weekend!!

My DD Jennie and I had a afternoon sewing weekend Sat. and Sunday. WE made 18 snap bags, 4 hot pads for some of DGD Kristin's Guy friends. Then I also got a block with my name on it from Janie and friend of mine. I added the quilt block motif and stippled it and added the binding. She didn't like the way it tuned out and was going to toss it out. I think it was a good save!!
DGD Sara it going the graduate for high school the 9th of May . She will be giving the snap bags to her friends both boys and girls.  We made Denim  with Star Wars and a red and blue plaid for the boys. She has things to put in them . I think?

 The hot pads are for 2 of DGD Kristin's guy friends. WE all ready made her girl friends some.
The bags are all made from scraps and a old measuring tape that was in the trash at Jennie's house.
It was a good weekend with my DD Jennie.  I love it when she sews with me!!

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