Wednesday, November 27, 2013

My Tuesday.

 I am making 30 Microwave bowls. It takes time. I made me a template to mark the darts. It did save some time.
I marked and put fabric Sq's . to cotton batting.( you have to use cotton so it will be safe in the microwave)On Monday afternoon.

 Today I started sewing the X on them.
  I had a break and had a sandwich.  It's 2:30 now had back to work.
Finished the X's

Now it time to do the other side.
All 4 darts are in. Now for the nice part. Hit the recliner put my feet up  cut them apart and to trimmed the darts I use pinking sheers.
Now the 2 side are mated sort off like geese the are mated for life. This is where I got leg cramps from sitting at the sewing machine to much. So I am going to try to get them  put together so DD Jennie can turn them for me. I am going to my DGD Sara's play at school at 1:00 PM so I will be sewing after that.
I did get my Christmas origami ornaments done this evening. There are 15 of them. One for each of my kid's family's.
It's 2:15 AM time to go to bed!
Keep sewing!!!!


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You've been burning the midnight oil!!

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