Tuesday, November 5, 2013

First snow and what I been up to for the last few days.

 This is out my front door looking each way. That was about 2:30 this afternoon and now there is a lot more. It's very wet and slushy . It's not my idea of a good day!
 WE are having our quilt clubs Christmas party the 2ed Tuesday of Nov. We will not have a meeting in December. We all have tooooo much sewing to do before Christmas.
We have a $10.00 gift exchange . I made a bag for it. I put a black lining in it and trimmed it in black. It has a zipper a few in. from the top and then a pocket across the side.  I hope who ever gets it likes it. I do !
 WE have another craft shoe the 16th. I have been sewing 2 handed wrap around hot pads for it. So far I have made 12 of these.
I am keeping one for my sister for Christmas .
I have a lot more sewing to do in the next week for the show so for now . HoHoHo! or is it SewSewSew?

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