Friday, June 13, 2008

Challenge? Green!!!

We are having our challenge this month at My Quilt Gild meeting Monday night . The challenge was: Black, White, and One Other Color. Well you all know what color I used. GREEN!!!!! My favorite color. This is the finished quilt picture. I mounted it on a board so I can hang it like a picture on the wall.
This is a close up of the quilt and the quilting. I all ways say what ever wins has to have wonder under in it. So I used it to put the spiral circles on.(It has happened every year I have been in the Gild) The rest of the fabrics are just stitched down with the quilting. I love to play as I call it and that is just what I did with this. I had fun!!! I used left over triangles from Kristin's Graduation quilt and a scrap piece of black fabric. The only thing I went out and bought was the backing I used. You can hardly see it on the back edges. Every thing I had was from other things I have made.
I took a photo of it after I laid it out so when things would fall of I new where the went. I didn't have enough pins to pin every thing down. I don't plan on winning but if no one takes part it's no fun. Participation is very important in any group. The more the merrier.

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LindaL said...

I like it!! You are an art quilter at heart.