Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Swap Your Stash challenge. Oh Boy!

I worked on a challenge today. It is called Swap Your Stash. Each month 1 of 8 ladies sends each of use in the group a package of fabric and what ever they feel like sending. The check books were the end result of my using all that was sent. I started out making something different. I just was not working out so I had to salvage my mess I made and so I made the Check book covers. In the package there were buttons laces sheer fabrics you name it it was in there.
We can make what ever we like with all of it.( think goodness)
I added the binding. I ran out of fabrics.I also added the pony tail holders for a closure.
It was very exciting here today we had a field catch fire. Corn stalks. It burned several fields. We had 4 or 5 different fire departments and a lot of others fighting the fire. It started around noon and they got it under control about 3:00 or so. I can't believe how fast it moved. I am glad to say on ones home was hurt.

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