Thursday, August 21, 2008

At Last My Ginko Leaves are Done!

In one of my fiber groups on Yahoo we are doing a Giving Tree Leaf Page Trade. There will be 7 pages including mine. When I get them back I can put yarn through the eyelets to join them all together. Every ones is different it should be fun to see what I get back. I can say id I was to do it over I would not use the bright variegated thread . I used a blue var. and a green var. thread and then the bright one. I liked them better before I added the bright thread.
Each leaf has to have a word on it or more. I used Hope , Dream, Peace,Love, and Believe and other charms. I made 8 so I have one extra. I will use it for something down the road. I all ways need a little gift for something.

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