Saturday, June 27, 2009

How does my garden grow?

They are looking good. My apple tree. Last year I was eating a apple and some of the seeds were sprouting in it so I put them in a pot thin in the ground when they got bigger. One of them made it. It didn't winter kill but then Don mowed it off when he was cleaning his asparagus this spring. But low and behold it's alive.
This is a salad cabbage I got and didn't know what to do with until I read the little label that came with it. It's very mild and is great in a mixed greens salad.

We are going to start using my head cabbage for slaw on the 4th and the rest will be steamed. It's very low in calories and I love it.

My tomato's are nit doing well. They did look great . Until Don got carried a way with the spry weed killer. I told him not to spray it was to windy but when has he ever listened to me?? He is not on my favorite list. That's why I have a garden is for tomato's and every year he finds a way to do something to them.


Quiltin' LibraryLady said...

Your tomatoes look a heck of a lot better than ours do. Sad is the appropriate word for ours, I think. Your asparagus looks great too. Ours is scattered around and the so-called "bed" actually has maybe 20 plants that grow. The only thing that does good here is sweet corn and Warren always gets carried away and plants enough for half the town.

Dotti said...

Love your garden! I had to give up most of mine this year. As of July 1st our water rates will have more than doubled in two years! I'm down to growing tomatoes and cukes in huge pots! (Boo Hoo)