Saturday, March 15, 2014

Scrappy Needle Keepers and sewing tool caddy.

Scrappy needle keepers. I had a Moda 2 1/2 " Sq's of Lario collection .  So I made 4 patches out of them and started to look for fabric scraps to go with them . I use scrap binding to finish them. even the ribbons came from other projects.
They will be nice little gifts for quilters I know.
 At our last Orchard Quilters meeting we made sewing tool caddy's . This is my caddy.
I used what I had on hand. My zipper was not quit the right green but it's OK. I would have liked to use black but I didn't have any on hand. so it got the green print. It's a 25 mile trip one way to a quilt shop or 65 miles to the other one. And the Hobby Lobby or Wall Mart.
I have had the lime and black batik for a very long time so it was time to use it.
It's National Quilt day so do something quilty. I am doing a binding on a quilt this after noon .