Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Saturday , Sunday and Monday

This is what I got done over the weekend! It was a time consuming thing. I made them for quilt friend gifts sometime in the future. All hand work. I didn't have a how to so I just started with a yo yo . I made 2 for every tape measure. Then I put buttons on all of them. I Glued the yo yo's to the tapes they didn't stick so well. So I cut card stock and put fusible fleece on one side and fusible  web on the other side. Then I cut fabric a inch wider and longer. I fused it to the card stock. folded the ends back under and then stitched it by hand around both sides.
The button on the side still works just push on the buttons.
The temp is a little better today so it's not so bad here.
Hurry up Spring!! Stay happy and warm. Flicsha

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