Monday, January 6, 2014

Yellow fan quilt and bag done.

 I made 2 of this bag over the weekend .  One for myself and one for my DF Debbie in Council Bluffs , Iowa. I also had DD Jennie make her a black sparkly ruffle scarf. It was a Christmas gift but I lost it in the sewing room . Jennie found it for me today so now I can send her the rest of her Christmas gifts.
Happy day DD Jennie came for a sewing day with me this afternoon . I got my yellow fan quilt top done and she did a quilt top. She left with it before I could take a photo of  hers.
Here is my yellow fan quilt. Now to find a back for it and then it's off to Jennie's house to be quilted.
The fans are over 16 years old we figured today before Sara my DGD was born and she is 16.
I have some fans left that for some reason or another wouldn't work in the quilt. I am going to make 2 table toppers out of some then there will be only one left.
It's still very cold out. right now at 7:22 PM it's +4 out. My feet may never get warm!!
Keep sewing and quilting. Flicsha
PS stay warm!

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