Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Last of the fans! Use it up and finish it.

 This fan is the last of the fans DD Jennie gave me.  It was one that was not the same size and it just didn't go with the rest.
It looked pretty good with the fabric from one of my quilts from a few weeks ago.
Sooo  I made a bag. I can use it as a gift for a birthday or Christmas. That's what I do with all the small things I make . Stack them up for when I need a gift.
It's really cold here so please keep warm and safe. Most of all keep creating and sewing. Flicsha

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Melanie said...

Hello! I found your blog info in the skinny pinny swap and wanted to pop over and take a look. You've got some great projects! I look forward to reading more. Have a lovely day!