Thursday, February 20, 2014

It was a mystery?

 I ordered 5 Keepsake Quilting  Mystery Medley's . They have 6 fat 1/4's for $7.99 each. With shipping and cost, they came to about $1.50 each.
I really love 3 out 5.
 2 of them were Hoffman's.  Metallic prints . Love glitz and sparkle.
The vote is not in on the top one yet?  Land and sea prints  aren't my thing but most of them will work with other things I have.
 I really like the bottom one with the greens. grays, and black.
 When are Orchard Quilt group had our meeting last time I gave them all embroidered hearts on red felt for Valentines Day . You can see it on the center of the tin. I told them to go home and make it into something anything just use it.
This is my valentine. I had a tin from Christmas and used it. The red print was the only thing I had big enough to cover the top.( I have used up most all my Valentine prints) The fabric was from a medley I got about 4 years ago from K.S.Q.  I love a good Mystery.
 I will use it to keep special little things in.
I haven't been buying much fabric .
I am trying to use what I have and scraps from my DD Jennie's projects, So when I got the bag in the mail it was like Christmas to me.
Keep making and creating. Flicsha


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