Friday, February 7, 2014


Finish it up Friday
I finished my Skinny Pinny trade.
I hope she likes it?
In it is the Skinny, a mug rug/candle mat, small Fairy scissors, emery strawberry, Scissor keeper, Micro wave hot pad and pattern/kit.

It will go in the mail Monday.

This is how the scissor keeper works. The scissors are mine. They are great for take a long and packing to take with you . Your scissors aren't pocking things or you!
Still cold and not much hope for at least a week. It was -5 last night or early this morning. (1:30 AM) before I went to bed. The high today is about +18. A regular heat wave!
Stayy warm and stay in side and sew! Flicsha


Amy DeCesare said...

Lucky partner! That package is chock full of skinny goodness! Well done!

Lazy Bee Garden said...

Oh my goodness! You have outdone yourself with that swap package! Lucky one who gets this bundle!