Thursday, February 6, 2014

Made Skinny Pinny's

I am in a Skinny pincushion trade on Flickr. We all make one and trade with someone else. I got??????? Across the pond. So I thought I should  get going on her skinny . Then I got on a roll and made one for everyone in my quilt group here in Orchard. They will be for a later gift at one of out meetings in the future.
Now to decide on the one for my trade partner ? I hope to get it in the mail to her on Monday.
Baby it's cold out side!!! I am looking forward to Spring. Warmer weather would be so nice.
Keep sewing and quilting. Flicsha


Amy DeCesare said...

Oh, my goodness, what a bundle of skinny sweetness!!! Your pinnies look amazing all together - each one just as cute as the one before. LOVE LOVE LOVE em!

Flicsha said...

Thank you. I have a quilt group that has been quilting together for over 20 years so I all ways make more than One so I can share.

Melanie said...

Oh my goodness, you're spoiling your pinny partner! I love the spirals, too. So cute!