Sunday, July 21, 2013

A place for everything??

 I have had this lamp for ever. The base was gold metal and the rest wood . The metal finish was coming off and it was kind of beat up. So out I went and with a can of spray paint it looks like a new lamp. Not bad for less than 10 min. of work.
My recliner you see here was a $5.00 find at the thrift store near here. There was a spot on it about 5 in. around . With a little shout and 5 min. of scrubbing  it was a good looking chair.
 I have  2 remotes, phone and my kindle reader and kindle fire. They were always falling of the table or down in the chair. Or just in a heap on the table.  I got going and made a caddy to hold them all. The kindles are in the bottom 2 . I left a opening for my glasses. That's all I did today a lazy Sunday. I even got a little nap in this afternoon.

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QuiltinLibraryLady said...

Not too much of a lazy Sunday!