Saturday, September 13, 2008

New apron and I got something done this morning

It has been cool here and I am loving it. It could stay like this all year I would be so happy!
I got a new apron in the mail yesterday. From my trade on my Sew Good Friends Group.
It's reversible. If you can't see them there is 3 pockets on each side. I love pockets to keep little things from around the house I pick up. Karen the maker of this did a great job sewing it. I don't know if I like the dark side or the light side best. I know I will enjoy waring it.
I got in the sewing room this morning and got my blocks cut for a mystery quilt. Now to fine the time to get the first step of the sewing done. This is just a tease as I will not show it until the top is done. It can't be a mystery if you get to peek.
And yes Joan I used lime green! The colors here are not as bright as they are on my table.

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