Monday, September 8, 2008

Memory Dolls

I just finished my memory doll trade. We were to make a doll in memory of some one in our life that has made a difference. I thought about it for some time and the person I came up with was my good friend Debby.
She has been my friend scents I was 12 years old. We have been thought a lot over the years.
She has had breast cancer about 20 years ago and beat it by pure will . Now she has lymphoma and has to take a 7 to 8 hour Chemo. treatment every Monday and is still at her job full time.
I know it's got to be very hard for her the stand and do peoples hair all day when she is felling bad.
Her favorite color is yellow so I made them yellow for her and the yellow shining beads are her good and positive thoughts and her Strong will to over come any thing she has all ways been a get things done kind of person and a do it person. She lets nothing get in her way.
I wish I could by 1/2 as brave and Strong as she is.

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