Tuesday, October 7, 2008

It's good to be back!

My computer was not working . I had to get a new monitor today for it. Glad to have it back. I was going into withdrawal. You don't know how much I missed it.
I use my computer for my embroidery machine and have to transfer pattern from my computer to my cards to put in my machine. I have things for Christmas I want to do.
The days here are so nice this time of year 60's and 70's Just love it. If only it would stay that way all winter!

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LindaL said...

Computer problems are the pits aren't they? Mine's been acting wonky too. The screen would go black so I'd shut it off & when I turned it back on it would just beep at me. Did research & found it could be the graphics card, bad RAM memory or even the processor. Took out the add-on graphics card & hooked up the monitor to the built-in graphics. Worked, so threw add-on card in trash. Left it running for a while, same problem. Rescued add-on card from trash, will it work again? Hard telling. Took out RAM, polished contacts on t-shirt, reinstalled. Also took cover off of processor heat sink, very dusty. Blew off and brushed off dust. Everything worked & kept working after it ran for several hours. Now my best guess is that it was overheating because of all the dust & I probably ruined a perfectly good add-on graphics card by tossing it in the trash. I'm just thankful I have my laptop!! Glad to have you back.