Monday, October 13, 2008


I spent Sunday morning doing tomatoes.
I got 30 Qt's of tomatoes put up with the help of Sara. She is such good help. Before Sara was out of bed Sunday I painted these. The sparkle doesn't show up in the photo.
I finished them this morning. They are for a trade with one of my groups on Yahoo.

I embroidered them on the machine and then painted them with craft paint and translucent paints for dying. I added some penalized additive to the paints. A lot of the paint leaches to the back of the fabric and batting I used. So it turned out lighter then I thought when I was painting it. I finished them off with some gold metallic cord, a eyelet and some yarn that a fellow post card maker sent me as a gift. It is recycled for a sweater or shawl from India, I am not sure. It has all kinds of great fibers in it and colors. I have used it in lots of my projects and will hate it when it is gone. I am very happy with them . They are very pleasing.

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Edzellinni said...

oooh...I want one of these! They are just gorgeous!! Linda W