Monday, October 27, 2008

Baby it's cold outside

I just finished my ear muff for some quiltie( I don't think this is a real word?) Christmas gifts.

I used a unfinished quilt project so the sq's were already together.

Some of my quilt Friends and I took a quilted sweatshirt class from Jenny Raymond and all we got done was cut sq's and sew them together. None of use finished it. We had a whole day of sewing sq's together not much more.

My DD Jennie used her sq's to make frogs she calls the 3 frogs -Jenny, Raymond, and Jacket.

I just call my ear muffs Jenny Raymond ear muffs.
One more thing done for Christmas.
I am eager to see what the other 2 people that took the class with Jennie and I come up with for their sq's.

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needlewings said...

That ought to keep your ears warm!