Friday, October 24, 2008

For My Birthday

I got 2 packages in the mail this morning.
My Dear and thoughtful Sister, Sue in Texas sent me some Birthday Surprises. I know the photo is not doing everything justice but I wanted to share what she sent me.
I don't know how she new I didn't have a watch. And it green!
On the bottom of the angle is says Sisters. I love Jim Shore, everything has quilts on them.
I had said I don't like candles in my sewing room , so she sent me scented bears. They smell so good!
We have talked about going on a trip where there is sand , sun shine and tropical breezes. So when I opened the flip flop care you can hear seagulls and the ocean if made me smile.
It was so much fun opening the boxes. It was better than Christmas!!
Sat. is my Birthday but I will be working from Friday night to Sunday morning taking care of a lady. So the packages came at a good time.


Jennifer said...

happy b-day mom!!!

needlewings said...

Oh and you had a birthday too! Well Happy Belated Birthday!!! I found you through Maggies and she had a birthday too. I guess we are all fall babies!