Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Happy quilt shop birthday to me!

The local quilt shop Quilters Candy in O'Neil Has a birthday party for their customers if they would like one . They give the Bday girl 20% off on all her purchases and the guessed 15% off. So we all shopped had cheese cake and lemon aid. #1 photo is DD Jennie and her MIL Wanda

photo #2 Maxine and Linda P.

#3 is Linda R. and Luann

Jennie serving the cheesecake.

And a great photo of the Birthday Girl!
I look like I have been on a drunk!

Just a little fuzzy. I got some very nice gifts from everyone. Loved everything. But it was the discount we liked best!
We all had a good time!!!


Huskerbabe said...

Looks like a fun day! I grew up in Springview and we used to go to O'Neil for school shopping. That's when they still had a JCPenney's. If I get up there sometime, I'll check out your LQS.

Roseanne said...

Happy Birthday to you. what a great idea to have a birthday party at the shop and the 20% off for you .15% off for your guests. I have never been to a party like that at a fabric shop. You are very luck to have that shop.

needlewings said...

OMG,I missed the party and cake too! Hope you had a great birthday and got lots of goodies! I have one coming up too. I wonder if I don't celebrate will that mean I have another year's grace? lol