Saturday, October 18, 2008

Not to soon for Christmas.

It's time to start on Christmas things. I am making about 4 dozen for these pillow ornaments for gifts and trades. I am going to start on some red poinsettias to day. Made like the green holly one. I found these little candle holders and you know you can't have candles in a sewing room! Jennie and I thought they would make cute little pin cushions or you could put a gold cord on them and hang them on the tree. So I made felt pillows for them. They will make great little gifts for sewers, quilters or party favors.
I have a lot of things planed for Christmas gifts but not started yet. Time is getting a way from me fast. I am going to have to get busy.


Barb's Blurbs said...

Lovely pillow! How big is it? And is that hand or machine stitching? Those candle holders turned pin cushions are great, too! You are always an inspiration!

needlewings said...

Oh they are so pretty! I didn't even know you had a blog, I shall add you to mine:)