Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Thank you and next project

Thank you all for your comments and to needlewings for joining me on my blog. I enjoy your comments.

This border in Quilt Magazine has inspired me to make a stripy quilt. For a row Robbin I am doing with 2 other ladies in other states. We each have to do 2 rows or rounds makers choice. I am going to use some of the shapes and hope to find big rick rack in green. If not it will have to be what ever I find.
I have been trying to make a Aunt Gracie quilt ever. This is the 3ed time . I had one all done but the quilting when we had the fire. So that one went up in smoke. IT had 6 1/2" blocks from all over the US and some from other country's.I embroidered a boarders on it with all kinds of butterfly's, bees, flowers and vines.
The #2 quilt was started as a row robin That Jenny and I was in and apparently one of the ladies really like our rows as she kept them. Thank goodness everyone else got their quilts in the group. So they say the third times the charm!! I think I will do both my rows with a blanket stitch on the machine and ask the other 2 ladies to piece bocks for me. All in Aunt Gracie fabrics.

These are the fabrics I am going to use. My DD Jennie was so nice to add to my stash for my Bday.
Now to get going on it. I have a Nov. 1st mail date.
I hope to make it!!!

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Roseanne said...

what a great idea the shop giving a birthday party.