Tuesday, September 22, 2015


 Love my pumpkins in a basket.
 One of my internet quilt groups needed prizes for a quilt challenge. So I am providing them for first and second places.
 This is for a challenge in a group I take part in.
 This is a pattern I tested for a group I am in . I think we will be doing it for the day after Thanksgiving.
 This was for the Quick Quilt Sat. projected this last Sat. A Walker caddy. I made it for a quilt friend of mine for her Birthday.
 For my Secret Sister.
 For my Pen Pal Sue.
For my Pen Pal Dianna.
It's been a busy month for me . My dear friend ( my sewing machine) Dyed ! It needs a new motor. It had over 2 million Stitches on it. . I hope it gets fixed and works like it used to soon!
 Keep sewing and enjoy our Fall weather! Flicsha

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