Monday, January 11, 2010

On to the next UFO

This is the last of 25 blocks. I did it last night. I was in a trade with 23 other quilters called Your Fabric My Pattern we all got packets of every one's fabric and then made them all a block with a block pattern I picked out. I needed one more to get 25 blocks so here it is. I got corner stones and lattices cut last night so now it's sewing time. I think I am going to like this quilt. Yes its green!!!
We did this all most 2 years ago, it took over a year to get the blocks back. Then I put it a way for a while. DD Jennie sent it to me here in FL. I think she is trying to tell me something???
I got the green pear print to many years ago to think about. I had been wanting to use it so when this trade came a long I used it. I bought all they had for around $2.00 a yard. I wish they would have had 3 more yards of it . I don't have enough for borders so I have to use the tan and gold I used as background.
Happy sewing!!

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