Tuesday, March 3, 2009

In Memory of Mom & Grandma

As we were looking for papers and things we needed for Mom's funeral. Jennie came across the 4 embroidered blocks. I gave them to Mom in the early 80's and then she put them in a drawer and that's where they have been ever scents. Jennie took them home and her and Sara #2 granddaughter put it together and quilted it and I did the binding in the car on the way to Mom's service. We placed it on the end of the casket and placed the casket spay on it. It look so nice and it will live with Sara now. I think Mom would have been proud of her Granddaughters for doing it for her. The quilt will be a remembrance for Sara of her Great Grandma Wilson.
The service was nice I think she would have liked it.

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