Saturday, May 30, 2009

A great day in the mail!!

I got 2 packages in the mail today! What a good mail day it was! I am doing a joyous happy dance.(I am also glad no one can see me!) First I opened my trade with Wanda in my F.A.T. Yahoo group and low and behold there was the red and green Trashy Clutch. Wanda made it out of a Mylar balloon it is just marvelous!
She also put some little tuck-ins in the package. Thanks Wanda it is just great!
Then I got a package ( a large box) of Batik fabrics from Linda in Arizona. Linda is a friend that works for my DC Gayla in her Silver Jewelry shop in Bisbee.
She is so generous she shared her Batiks with me. She said she has so many that she will never get them all used and that she knew I would love and enjoy them.
You know how you do little things and never think a thing about it. You never expect anything and then someone will blow you away with there thanks. It makes me want to cry for joy at the acts of kindness others show.

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Quiltin' LibraryLady said...

Wow, what a haul.....all those gorgeous batiks!! Any idea what you'll make?