Thursday, February 4, 2010

My $1.00 bargains!

After Christmas sales are the best! I got these for a $1.00 each when they were originally $5.00 before Christmas. I have been watching them grow every day. Now they are just gorges!
the true color is about the color showing in the center. My camera flash made them look different.
What joy a couple of $$'s have given my Aunt and I.
I haven't got much sewing done this week I do have the strips cut for my block of the month quilt. May be I can get some of them put together today??


Christina Wright said...

hello... i just ran across your blog, i'm in nebraska 2. you'r wuilts R just beautiful!!! i have a blog 2, with jewelry and art.
www.blackcatgallerytravelingart. stop by and check me out, and let me know what U think... happy stitching...CMW

LissC said...

beautiful flowers!!! How fun.