Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Cold and snow!

Good morning to a very cold,windy, and snowy
It's not my favorite weather. But what can you do living in NE.?
I have it stay in side and sew! Maybe make a pot of soup?
The photo is of a block from my row robin. I made five 12 1/2" blocks for the row.
Using Aunt Gracie's are not the kind of fabrics I like to work with. I am trying to do things out of my comfort zone.
I see by the photo I need to press the blocks.The camera seems to pick up every little wrinkle, it dose not help that is is hanging by tape on the side of my kitchen cabinet.
I just looked out side and it dose not look good out there. They just said it was 0 that's 55 deg. less than yesterday. Only in NE.

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