Monday, July 7, 2008

Bindings and More Bindings

It's funny how when you are doing things you don't notice things. Don was eating ice cream and left his bowl sitting by his chair. You know it's tooooo hard to put it in the sink or the dish washer!!!
We have had rain every night for 4 days. We have had more rain this year than we have had in a very long time. Every thing is so green and lush.
These 2 top quilts are some DD Jennie did for Heart Strings for Breast Cancer victims. She puts them together and quilts them and I bind them for her.
This one is some blocks she traded in one of our yahoo groups. I think it's going to be a gift for a Friends DD.
I only have 7 more quilts to bind for Jennie some charity and some are hers. Binding is my rest time with my feet up and a good movie. There is not a lot on TV in the Summer so I go get $1.00 movies from the gas station.

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Mary said...

THe HeartStrings quilts look wonderful - thanks for helping out!