Saturday, July 12, 2008

It's Watermelon Time!

It's been hot here in the 90's . With the 4th over you think of watermelons, a Summer garden and things we enjoyed a s a kid. One of my favorite things and my family's is watermelon. My Dad and I could eat one between the 2 of use. My Grandma and Grandpa Wilson Loved it just as much! When we would go to visit them in Mo. We would go to the farmers market in Joplin and get the biggest ones they had. Put them on Ice and have everyone come for watermelon. We could never go by a watermelon stand without stopping. Ice cold watermelon is so good on a hot day! This is a little $3.00 watermelon swap in one of my yahoo groups. I was looking for some thing with watermelons on it so I could make something and DD Jennie said she had some pre-print fabric I had given her a long time ago. 1995 was on the salvage so it's been awhile.I quilted it around the design and put a binding on it. I love red and green together! I also made a little pincushion to go with it and then I found some bubble gum and chewing gum. And as I was looking thou some thing in my stash I found the pewter watermelon buttons. I had to keep it small as we had to be able to put everything in a 6"x9" envelope. It's on it's way to Candy in Mo. this morning. These little trades are fun and fast. I will be getting one back in the mail from Cindy. I can't wait to see what she came up with!

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