Thursday, May 29, 2014

Just 2

 This is just 2 of the projects I have been working on today.
I told my DD Jennie I needed a tall stool to use at my cutting table. The next thing I know she left me a black stool with old beat up fabric on the seat. Today was the day. I gave it some spray paint and some new padding and fabric more to my liking.
It even spins around. Now I don't have to stand so much at the cutting table. I love something made from junk that was going to be trashed! This stool has a new life with me!
My DD Jennie seems to think I need jobs. She talked to a young lady that works in a soda / lunch stand in a Variety store in a small town where she delivers for Fed Ex. She wanted a retro looking apron to wear while working At the soda fountain. This is my attempt . It's lined with the pink fabric. 
It's been a busy day. I have got a lot of things done around here.
Time for some dinner and put my feet up!
Stay happy and quilt!

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