Friday, May 16, 2014

My trip and sewing.

 I went to Seattle for 3 weeks. This is my Uncle Jack's wife Bonnie and Kristin my DGD. Kristin is teaching Language Arts this year in Washington. 
 This was at the park in Tacoma, they have a farmers market there every Sat.
 This is a Bonsai tree at the exhibit we went to.   
 This is Pikes Place Market in Seattle.
 Just a house in Tacoma.
The market has blocks of flowers for sale starting at $10.00. They are huge! loved them all!!!
 The sea food was to die for! It was huge..................
 While there I did a little sewing . I made this basket and them the bottom one for a trade.
 My finished package for my swap partner!
 I did these glasses cases today for a group I am in called Across the Pond on Flicker.
One more photo of flowers!!!

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