Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Enternet not good!!! orders and Christmas gifts.

 The Craft show last Saturday went well . One boy microwave hot pad order and a wrap a round 2 handed hot pad order. All done ready to deliver.
 All of these are remote control  holders the are long to tuck down over the chair arm or go between the mattress and box springs on the bed. above are for the men in my life. A dear friend of mine Lynda S. Gave me all the manly prints and I used scrap bindings form other projects.
 These are for men or women.
The enter net hasn't been working right. I got up Sunday morning and it was out. Internet Explorer seems to be at the base of the trouble may be it time for something else. It's still not right.


laurajane said...

Love all the rustic colours journey have used.xx

laurajane said...

That should say colours you have used,my ipad just loves to change my spellings.lol.x