Friday, October 25, 2013

It's finish it up Friday and My Birthday to day!

 If you right hand click on photo it will get larger so you can see it all better.

This is my birthday gift to myself. I found this table and four chairs in a resale shop in Lincoln , NE. while visiting a friend a few weeks a go. It was marked $149.00 that was more than I had at the time. The salesman ask if I saw any thing I liked and I said yes but it was to much so I made a offer, he made a call, to the party that owned it and I got it for $90.00.
It is a 1972 Chrome Craft you can not lift the table by yourself. It sold for $375.99 new. The tag was still on the under side of the table top. There is not a scratch or a mark or a tear any where it's just like the day it was it was made. Well it looks very good in my place. Everything is green.
If you look real close you can see my tomato's DD Jennie and I put up there are 24 QT. I have to keep them in my living area so they don't freeze. The rest of the building isn't heated. So they are on the floor under my shelves.
And yes the dog had to get in the photo as well. If you look back on my blog you can see my apple green sink.
 Now for finish it up Friday ! This is going to be a sewing machine cover I was ready to quilt it and put it together and sew the binding. That was the plan today. I had to drive 30 some miles to get my drivers permit renewed for another 5 years. I got there and no billfold and drivers license  I did have my check book. They did let me have it renewed thank goodness for computers!! They just looked it all up .
 I had visitors in and out all day. Jennie came we got to sew a little and she had supper with me. Then off to set up for the craft show here in town tomorrow. I was bake home at 9:30 and I finished the binding on the sewing machine cover at by 10:30. Still I did get it done be for midnight.
 Now it's time to hit my bed .  It will be a long day at the craft show. So good night all.
This is a Christmas gift for a friend of mine. She gave me all the batiks that are in it.  So now they will go back to her in something.


mathana hari said...

happy birthday ! and nice work !

QuiltinLibraryLady said...

Green... how perfect for you!! It looks like the set my MIL got back in the 70s only her chairs were brown. Don't you just love batiks?