Monday, July 27, 2015

Pen Pal package.

It's time to send a package to my Pen Pal .
This is the collection of things for this month.
That's a spool pin doily I made for her sewing machine in the hexie fabric dish.
The framed saying is one of my favorite. I think she will like it also. She loves things about tea. She collects tea pots so I made a tea cozy for a tea pot and a mug rug for her tea cup. the saying is from Peter Pan.
She also collects pin C. so in went one I made.
And there has to be fabric. So in went some of my Orchid fabric with my name on the salvage. I won a bolt some years ago and use it very little. Someday it will be quilts for my DD Jennie and my 2 G-Daughters and my self.
Last is some pin fabric I got at the state quilt convention this week. Just because I liked it!
 I think she will enjoy getting this package as much as I enjoyed making the things in it.
For now stay cool and keep stitching!   Flicsha

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