Thursday, July 2, 2015

This and that.

 Had a challenge in a quilt group to make a 9x11 mug rug / mini quilt. Swiped DD Jennie's scraps and did this this morning. It's a little artsy but it conveys the thought.
 Monday was make something for Jennie day. I embroidered the hanging quilts and made a pink batik pinnie for her.
 I did 2 more pencil cases yesterday. I found the scraps from another project so it's cut it up use it up.
We also worked on pillow case dresses / night gowns. I think we got 5 or 6 done.
I also got out a UFO quilt out and sorted through it. I got it ready to work on . Maybe I will get it done ? I hope sooner than later .
Keep smiling and sewing!  Flicsha

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