Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Some of my latest projects. And Memorys

 DD Jennie has been busy! She has made lots of pencil cases for the Pine Ridge Rez.
 The tape measure fabric was a gift from my SS in a group I am in . I thought it would be good to keep pins, pencils, seam rippers. and so on for sewers. It will go into the door prize bag for tomorrow.
 I had some left over scraps from another project that I will post later, so I made a hot/pad/ trivet with insul bright  in it for hot things . It's  hard to quilt with insul bright in it. It shifts while sewing and quilting it.
 Now for the play time . This months them was July /Summer . These are things I remember from child hood as a source of happy things for me.
The dark blue is of Firefly's and dragonfly's and warm Summer nights.. As a child I would sit and watch them fly and blink at night . Some times I would catch them and put them in a jar.
 Dandelions were another past time for me. I would spend quiet Summer afternoons picking and making chain necklaces, and bracelets out of the stems. Crowns for my head with the flowers. I would also rub the dandelions on my eye lids and cheeks . Look funny but I thought it was wonderful We also collected the stems with the seeds and when we got a big bunch I would wave them in the air and watch them fly in the air. Like little parachutes. Taking my wishes to all parts of the world.
Now for my very favorite thing of Summer
Tomatoes ripened on the vine. I could and do eat them 3 times a day when the are on. I also love canning them.
Even as a child I would go to the garden and just pick and eat them on the spot.
It's hot here now so I sew in the mornings most of the time . I don't have air conditioning in my sewing room.
Keep cool and quilt something wonderful that reminds you of Summer.  Flicsha

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