Saturday, February 16, 2008

No Raw Edge Pillowcase

This is the instructions for the pillowcase if you click on it , it will enlarge.

I made this pillowcase last night as a sample. I did iron it but then had it folded. The camera shows every little wrinkle. (Now I know why I don't like any one taking my photo!)
I have made a lot of these for Bright Horizons in O'Neil . They realy like them . They give them to kids when they come in. That way they have their own pillow . It also gives them ownership of something.
This is a fast and fun porject I have also made these for my Grandkids, they love them.
It's fun to make these for holidays also.

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Jo said...

that would probably work for a step by step demo, but I don't think we could get them to do it at guild.