Monday, February 11, 2008

Poem,Acid, and Human Body Part

Good cold Monday morning!
This is my 3 group challenge. I am in 3 groups where they put up a challenge word for the month. So I gave myself a challenge. To do 1 quilt for all 3. In one group the word was poem you could use or wright a poem. So I made one up. I am not going to win any wrighting contest. But it made me happy! The next group had the word acid. Well lots of things come to mind for me as a child of the 60's. Acid trip, acid dream, acid green, acid rain.
I took acid green and acid dream.
The other group we had to have a body part on the quilt.
I had this great bug fabric, (I thought I would never use) I typed out the poem on velum with bright colored lips on it and used acid green (one of my favotire colors) for the body, quilting and the edge of the quilt.
For family and friends not to worry I have not been on any acid trips or dreams, but I do dream in color!
This was a fun project!
Acid Dream
My sleep is alive with colors so true
All shiny and bright in their hue
Only in my dreams can they come through

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Jo said...

You are so cleaver--3 in one. Mine is still in my minds eye. Joan