Sunday, February 10, 2008

Sunday morning

To the right is my disappearing 9 patch quilt.

You start with a 9 patch block with each block, being 41/2" to 5" each. With 5 lights and 4 darks.Then you cut it in 1/2 both ways and sew it back together.

I put this together in about 2 hours .

I used 9 blocks as that is what fabric I had from other projects. (use what you have)

It was a fast and fun project.

I turned the center row in this layout.

It's very cold today!

That makes it a good day to stay inside and sew!

This Sat. I went to the Quilters Candy Shop and got 24 other quilters little bags with fabric.

We are having a "Your Fabric My Block" exchange. This is my block my fabric for this exchange. Can you tell I like green?

We will have untill next Jan. To finish everyones blocks.

When we all get together next Jan. to give every one back their blocks we will play with settings and look at all of them. It sounds like fun to me!

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